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FXWallet is to provide the following integrated great features to any Individual Partner:

Storage wallet

Storing is considered to be the most prominent service and is used quite commonly nowadays. Users can store digital assets in their wallet address instead of having to store them on exchange wallets, avoiding the risk of exchanges being hacked leading to undue loss of assets.

Decentralized transaction

The built-in decentralized exchange in FXWallet includes a variety of coins and token pairs. The majority of the trading pairs are with USDT(stable coin), BTC, ETH, and other top crypto currencies.

To make a transaction, users just need to select the trading pair, the amount of tokens or coins you want to buy and sell, then press the buy or sell button to quickly make an order. The method is quite similar to centralized exchanges, but this is a decentralized exchange and transactions will be directly between users without going through any intermediary party.


The swap feature allows users to quickly convert their digital assets into other types of digital assets for convenience. Furthermore, FXWallet provides an innovative historical transaction record where Individual Partners might be able to observe as well as forecast, analyze their cryptocurrency portfolio easily.


FXWallet integrates a "staking" feature to help users receive interest on their idle crypto currency (or tokens). The “staking” feature allows Individual Partners to easily set any kind of amount of any crypto currency at any period of staking time that optimize the most interests (or profit return).


IEO is Initial Exchange Offer, this form is performed on the platform of a crypto exchange. Because the token’s sale is conducted on an exchange platform, publishers must pay the listing fee along with the percentage of the amount of tokens sold in the IEO. Token will sell on the exchanges and their coins will be listed on the exchange after the IEO ends, this is for sure. IEO's participants have to create an account on the exchange where IEO is conducted. Then they deposit coins into the exchange’s wallet to buy the IEO.

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