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About Us

FXWallet is a separated and independent wallet application that allows users to store, swap (convenient exchange), earn crypto profits by staking/defi activity, explore decentralized network with browser Dapp. All features will eventually work on the FXWallet blockchain network.

FXWallet helps users to manage their private keys and store their crypto assets directly on their device without having to store them on their hot wallet on a centralized exchange.

You can download and experiment FXWallet anywhere in the world.


FXWallet is focused on providing platforms that support trading and swapping cryptocurrencies in faster, safer, simpler, and more secure In addition, the FXWallet ecosystem has the ability to expand into the fields and services of Smart-contract, P2P, IEO.

FXSwap Ethereum & TRON
FXL tokens swap for Ethereum and TRON network
Decentralized applications (DApps) that have been vetted and optimized for FXWallet become a part of the Marketplace.
A platform aggregates multiple DEXs to get the best rate over the market price.
Connect the blockchain network with the banking system, e-commerce, games, ...

Resolving immediately
FXW network participants can trade and the trade is displayed transparently. Settling between parties will take some seconds instead of minutes.
Technologies and business models are safe with several requirements associated with a decentralized, flexible system based on ledger technology.
Blockchain technology
A digital ledger of transactions is copied and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain.
Experienced team
We are a team of leading experts and financial managers with years of experience and proven track record.
Blockchain-based finance does not depend on central financial intermediaries to provide financial instruments based on smart contracts.
AI technology
The next step in DeFi’s evolution will involve AI. AI in DeFi is currently a blue ocean, filled with both – exciting challenges and opportunities.
Low price
FXW Wallet with FXL Token will soon be integrated on smart chain with almost zero transaction fees.
Our decentralized, serverless platform is protected from outside attacks and interference. Smart contracts are also covered.
MARCH-2020 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 MARCH-2021 JUNE-2021 FEBRUARY-2022 APRIL-2020 MAY-2021 OCTOBER-2021 2023 • Initiating ideas - Core team establishment • Market research and solution setting• Building and finalizing basic functions of FXWallet Wallet (phase 1) • Finishing Product (wallet)• Token Sales (next round) • Upgrading Products (wallet and exchange)• Launching private Blockchain (Beta version) • Developing Product (wallet) • Launching Beta version of the wallet• Token Sales (first round)• Development and launch of FX trading platform • Listing FXL on CoinMarketCap / Coingecko• Listing FXL on top 10 major exchanges in the world• Launching a Decentralized Financial Ecosystem • Continuing to upgrade and improve• Expanding the Ecosystem with new Decentralized financial products

Use your favourite decentralized apps & find new ones, without leaving your wallet.

Total supply of Token 63,000,000
Token symbol FXL
Base TRC20 based
Total airdrop 1,000,000
Total IEO 13,500,000
  • FXL token plays an internal payment tool of the FXW ecosystem
  • FXL token is a profitable instrutment
Token Sale
Total sales FXL
Total Convertible Amount
1 0,10 1,000,000 100,000
2 0.15 1,500,000 225,000
3 0.20 2,500,000 500,000
4 0.28 3,500,000 980,000
5 0.35 5,000,000 1,750,000
  • Investor uses BTC, ETH, USDT to deposit into the account and purchase FXL
  • Each token sale phase is equivalent to a fundraising round
  • Each token sale phase might be finished earlier than expected period
00 Days
00 Hours
00 Minutes
00 Seconds
Sean Lam
Sean is the founder and CEO of JPT. Formerly a Director of Fraud and Security Risk at Visa, Sean co-invented Visa's technology to combat counterfeit fraud and holds two Visa security patents. Sean was also an instructor for Visa's Fraud Management course. Prior to joining Visa, Sean was a security and technology consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he served large multi-national clients primarily in the financial industry. Sean is a certified forensics investigator and holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from Purdue University.
Wooi Siang Lee
Wooi Siang was the Asia Pacific Head of Credit Settlement Risk for Visa, responsible for several billion dollars in settlement exposure generated by more than 900 clients of Visa, and sat on several key committees including review of new product and services, incentive deals and new client approval. He had also served as a bank supervisor at the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Wooi Siang has an MBA from Boston University and holds a BSc in Economics from National University of Singapore.
Voon Seng Chuan
Mr. Voon is an advisor and brings more than 30 years of corporate management expertise and regional experience in financial technology. He is the chairman of AmBank Berhad and a board member of Corporate Learning Consortium Sdn Bhd, Mesiniaga Berhad, and Silverlake International Pte Ltd. He spent 27 years at IBM and held several key regional and local roles including being the Managing Director of IBM Malaysia and Brunei.
Joe Cunningham
Joe Cunningham is the Head of Risk for Visa Inc. in Asia Pacific. In this position, he is responsible for protecting Visa's interests through strategic risk management, credit settlement risk and brand protection programs. Working with clients and regulators, Joe also leads fraud management and data security across the Visa payment network in the region. From 2009-2015 Joe represented Visa on the Executive Committee of EMVCo, the global payments industry organization responsible for ensuring interoperability and security of chip-based products; including contact, contactless and mobile-NFC payments.
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